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Social Security Attorneys serving Colorado Springs, CO

Social security form — Law Office in Colorado Springs, CO
Social Security can feel like a maze of bureaucracy at best and completely overwhelming at worst. Frederick W Newall and his office staff believe in making the process of applying for benefits as quick and easy as possible and in doing their utmost to keep the case going until you receive the benefits you deserve.

When you start the Social Security application process, you will quickly find yourself in need of several medical records and forms to prove your disability. You may not know how to obtain those records, which is where Frederick Newall will step in. We are focused on helping you meet deadlines and continue to appeal, even all the way to the federal level. We are very serious about helping our clients get what they deserve and prove their disability.

Our staff is polite and helpful, and we will work with your schedule and figure out meeting times that will work best for you. We aim to have our clients look forward to interacting with us, and we get there with a dedication to being straightforward and easy to understand. Social Security benefits can do an enormous amount of good in your life, so contact the office of Frederick W. Newall to begin the process.