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Frederick W. Newall is a Colorado Springs attorney focused on staying by your side for all of your legal matters. Whether you run into issues with Social Security or other areas where you need legal assistance, the Law Office of Frederick W. Newall will strive to make your time in court as fruitful as possible.

Every case is different, and with different circumstances, entities and goals involved, we understand the need to learn as much as we can about you and your case. Frederick Newall is an experienced attorney who will work hard to make sure that you understand the legal procedures involved in your particular case, and if you have questions or comments on the issues, he will make sure you feel heard. It can be overwhelming both mentally and emotionally to enter the court room without an attorney by your side, but when you call our staff to schedule an appointment with Frederick Newall and meet with him beforehand, you'll be setting yourself up to be better prepared and feel much more comfortable with your surroundings.

Whether your need for a lawyer is an expected event or a surprise to you, Frederick Newall's goal is to work to maximize your payout in the matters of workers' compensation or Social Security. His aim is to help you understand the options available and maneuver through the complicated world of personal injury and family law. Frederick W. Newall will work hard to stay by your side for all legal matters and help you every step of the way. Call our staff today to see what your options are and to schedule a meeting at our law office. We look forward to seeing how we can help you and your individual case.